Break free from illusions..

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Maybe the world will be a more harmonious place if we:

begin to look at each other instead of looking down or up at one another;

treat each other right instead of hurting each other;

cooperate more instead of competing;

let go of jealousy and let grow compassion;

realize that we are all equaly worthy;

aswell as equaly imperfect;

Stop making differences based on social classes, skincolor, religion, status, etc;

strive to RETREAT more, to grow, instead of exposing ourselves to impress others;

see beauty in a smile, in the eyes, shining from inside out, instead of judging by the physical appearence;

release ourselves from some of our societies tricky chains and illusions..


Love yourself and others.


What is being an artist?

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Genuine artists express their feelings authentically. Later on, the urge to share their gift, by giving and inspire others grows in their hearts.

They create with a humble attitude without second intentions or too high expectations. Recognition is good, but it should not be the final goal. They know One single feedback is precious: that is how they are remembered in someones life for a long time, if they influence positively that one single person.

Light your spark: keep on singing, dancing, painting, writing, making someone laugh, cooking that special meal, teaching, helping people, whatever is your do with love and passion, that makes you feel whole and healed.

Don’t wait for the whole world out there to accept you to move on with your art. You will inspire the ones that need to be inspired, while sharing a feeling, thought and a light when they need the most. That is how the Universe “works”. Have you ever felt that before with one single melody that touches your heart? Seems like that song was specially writen for you!

And finally, the most important is that you should create to express yourself and not with the intention to please everybody or do business of it.. Since we are different in the way we don’t listen to the same songs, read the same kind of books or watch the same shows, you can’t please everybody with your art. It is natural that not everyone will understand it and likewise support it.

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Create to spread your light and love. No fortune or fame can replace the joy and love you earn back by touching someone’s heart deeply and purely. And remember to stay true to yourself.

Sat Naam 🙏


Which color is your soul?

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When people ask me where do i come from, i usually say, i come from Portugal. I don’t say i grew up in the suburbs. Not that i want to hide my past or to forget about it. It’s because it’s to sensitive for me to go back there again. To a time where i felt so much insecurity and fears.

Was also a time that i developed big friendship and connection with some people. Not only sad moments are left behind, also some happy moments and experiences of Love and Strength.

But growing up in that environment left it’s deep marks on me. Marks that i am still fighting to let go. Life there wasn’t easy. I grew up with unsafety, poverty, preconception, discrimination and social exclusion..

While growing up, i did not understand why some people didn’t accept or believe in me. Looked down on me as if i was less worthy. Why they categorized me because of the color of my skin or from where i came from.

I didn’t choose where to be born or to have a certain color in my skin when i came into this world. But i could choose where i wanted to go ahead, and who i wanted to become..

I had allways been a shy litle girl, but i had also a very funny and social side if i was in the mood. That maybe is what made my path back then. Despite all that negativity, i had often a humble smile in my face and a hope that everything would be allright in the end. No matter how long it took..

I left behind all the shadows from my past, and today fully enjoy my skin color and even my natural afro hair, the more self confident i get, the more i grow and accept myself as i really am..I have dark brown skin and i am proud. I am beautiful as i am, both inside and outside.

Even when i sometimes feel the wings of racism trying to embrace me again, i set free without grudge. I stay calm, positive and think that WE ARE ALL THE SAME, EQUALLY VALUABLE.

The real question is which color is our souls? How do we treat people around us? Are we bright or dark on the inside?

All i wanted while growing up was to go towards a brighter and more colorful life. Now all i want is my soul to go beyond the colors of the rainbow.

Arvidsjaur, 2018, by Marlene Lima