Connecting with the Roots

gray trunk green leaf tree beside body of water
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Drop the anchor for a while, when you go back to the roots.


It is  important to reconnect to your own roots in order to accept them and then be able to move forward.

I had always been confused about my identity. I grew up in a country, learned my parents culture from their home country, moved to another country. It was too much cultures in one to handle. Portuguese in the heart, capeverdean in the blood, swede in the mind, universal in the soul..

To be able to develop and manage this multiculturalism i realized i had to first find my roots, accept them, understand them and then move on.

I traveled again to my parents home town in 2017, and there i awoke this other part of me that has been hidden for a long time.

Traveling to Cape verde this time was more than a vacation trip to meet the magical Sun and blessing Ocean. It was a trip to my heart and to the past. An inspiring trip that lasted only two weeks in physical ground, but forever in my memory.

I experienced flavors from childhood, curious looks, nature, and took home some beautiful memories in my luggage.

In this charming place i never wondered about the next destination. I was THERE, fully present.

Cape Verde’s blood runs through my veins. The hot sun heals and nourishes me, the high mountains inspire me, makes me seek for adventure; makes me feel small, as daughter of Mother Nature. The eternal ocean balances me like a small child in it’s parents lap; feeling safe and that i belong. A child that for that moment doesn’t want to grow, wants to sleep and wake up in the same warm and lovely place. When it does grow, it feels ready to explore the world, be itself, having a safe ground in the baggage. Spreading Light and Love.

I experienced another paradise, on the outside; another home; a “distant” root. For that i am Grateful. 😊

Cape Verde, Sao Vicente Island, 2017, by Marlene Lima