Northern lights

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and northern wishes…

A Northern light:

for the lives that were born, for the lives that were lost;

for the trees that fell, for the flowers that bloomed;

for the stars that shone, for the falling stars;

for all the seeds planted and the fruits harvested,

for the ones who fell in love and for the ones who let go,

for the ones who seeked, and the ones who found..

Light a candle for hope love and peace..



“Uma aurora boreal:

pelas vidas que nasceram; pelas vidas que se perderam;

pelas árvores que caíram, pelas flores que floresceram;

pelas estrelas que brilharam, pelas estrelas que caíram;

por todas as sementes plantadas e todos os frutos colhidos,

pelos que se apaixonaram e pelos que terminaram,

pelos que procuraram e pelos que encontraram..

Acende uma vela pela esperanca, pelo amor e pela paz.


Arvidsjaur, mountain Vittjåkk, mars 2017, M.L.

Be always Grateful and don’t take anything for granted. We never know what tomorrow may bring.

Have a harmonious new beginning and God bless you 💗🙏


Diamonds in the snow

What doesn’t freeze me, makes me stronger.. ;p

Arvidsjaur, 2018, by M.L.

Today i felt a “call from nature”. I decided to stop with the excuses that it is too cold (10 below zero), took my warmer clothes and shoes, ready to go out.

It’s been a long time i don’t take a walk in the forest. And even with all frozen lakes, plants, silence, because there are so few birds now, i saw a shade of beauty, of divine..

Moments like this makes me feel alive, inspired, strong, ready for fight again. Ready to handle this winter blues with a new strength..

I may not be strong enough to walk on ice right now, but i will be strong enough to defeat these winter blues symptoms ;p.. After all i have been through in my life, this is the least i expect from myself.

This is some photos i took in my morning walk here in Arvidsjaur. Hope you enjoy it as much as i do 😉

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Namaste ❤


About me..

Namaste ❤

pic: 2018, by Miura L.

My name is Marlene, but you may call me Marly :). I come from Lisbon (Portugal) but have been living in Sweden for nearly 9 years now. Originally i have roots in Cape Verde islands in west coast of Africa.

In the calm northern swedish landscape i found a lot of sources of inspiration that made me improve expressing myself through ways that i have been exploring before (writing, dance, music), and finding out new ways of expression (photography)..

With this new experience of leaving my country i learned to appreciate more beauty through simple things; to begin focusing more on positivity and choosing a brighter side of life.

This blog is a form of sharing my experience that hopefully inspires; showing my art through a variety of poems, thoughts, spirituality, photography (mostly from northern Sweden)..everything that makes me happy and that i need to pass on, to make someone else happy :).

Nature, Art and Love, is a divine gift from God. For that be humble and grateful.🙏🌍💖

Love and Light to you, and big welcome to my blog 🙂 💖