I am/ Eu sou

Arvidsjaur, Autumn 2018, by M.L.

I am..

I am the sea,

the wind

the sunlight

in you and me

I am the air

the fire we can feel

but don’t want to touch

I am you, immortal beauty

immortal beauty, you are in me

I am all that it is

earth, water

fire and air

moon, stars

rainbow and snow

I am sound, light

endless emptiness

revealed in the Silence

I am beyond all that it is

in you, in me

I am that i am

beyond life and death

beyond words and manifest

I just am.

(When to Be (beyond all that is), may be the answer to all the questions)


Eu sou..

Eu sou o mar,

o vento,

a luz do sol

em ti e em mim

Eu sou o ar

o fogo que podemos sentir

mas nao queremos tocar

Eu sou em ti, beleza imortal

beleza imortal, és em mim,

Eu sou tudo o que existe

terra, água

fogo e ar

lua, estrelas

arco-iris e neve

Eu sou o som, a luz

vazio infinito, revelado no silencio

Eu sou alem de tudo o que existe

Em mim e em ti,

Sou o que sou

além da vida e da morte

alem do perceptível

Apenas sou.

(Quando Ser (além de tudo o que existe), pode ser a resposta para todas as perguntas)

by M.L.

*Dedicated with all respect to my dear mamma, who remains in eternal and divine peace..*

Namaste ❤

Singing light (Guest post)

“Singing light” by Didi Artist 🙏
Do take your time to visit his wise, spiritual and artistic blog ❤  https://didisvgp.wordpress.com/2018/11/08/singing-light

sky space dark galaxy
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Somos todos UM (We are One)

Much love and light,<3


Didis Art Design

Today my heart is wide wide open
I feel the vibration
Of all souls in my heart
Ocean of happiness
Waves of millions of hearts
Touching my innermost core

Tears flow sparkling
Through the inner sun
Fluid of the soul
Smiling eyes everywhere
United – One
Divine atmosphere

Harmony – deep joy
Beauty of life
Song of you and me
Singing universe
Music of the stars
Symphony of love

Blissful happiness in all
Breathtaking feelings
Together – we are one
Singing light
All of us: hand in hand
Wordless understanding

Creation bows down

DidiArtist, 05.06.2018

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Echoing melodies

Where are you? I can’t hear..

abstract art artistic blur
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

He sang a song deeply from his heart

from so far away,

but she could hear him in her mind

so close that she could almost touch his face again.

She singed back to him,

She knew he could hear her too.

“Where are you? I can’t hear”..

She could not hear him anymore.

Their melody began to reach the emptiness,

but she will always remember

the moment they sang the same song

above any poem, through a misterious melody,

with the ultimate bond, spiritually

She wished to hear his voice again

wherever she would go,

But their song had been whispered towards silence,

and their lights began to fade

as ice diamonds melting in the spring..

photo by M.L., Arvidsjaur, an old one (2013/2014)

Their frozen hearts turned into stars,

shining apart in the darkest skies,

though bonded for all eternity,

with a hidden melody, echoing through infinity.

by M.L., 2018


p.s. this poem is specially dedicated to my best friend and sister, D..

Little sys, i admire your strength and i support you ❤ : It’s your time to expand even if it hurts right now. You will be alright..

White winter paradise..

Winter is already coming to Northern Sweden. Snow is falling, northern lights are shining shy outside the window. I feel blessed with such a beautiful season coming, despite the shock i got with the cold weather, when i recently came back from vacations in my hometown. I didn’t even had time to fully enjoy autumn! It went so fast!..

I see now Winter as a time to rest more, reflect, save energies we got from brighter seasons that passed. Time to wait patiently, maybe plan, enjoy warm coups of tea or hot chocolate while snow falls slowly and magically outside.

Arvidsjaur, Vittjåkk, 2017, by Marlene Lima

It’s a time going towards darkness outside, but this time i will try to keep the light inside me, warm and bright. In this winter i want to see the stars shine brighter. That will bring me hope and joy to my soul.

Enjoy this poem i wrote last winter:

You’ll find me

Where the lights are shining low

in the darkness feels so cold

where the lakes are laying frozen

you’ll find me

where the snow is falling slow

in the white silence i pray

where tomorrow seems so distant

you’ll find me

I tried so hard to make summer stay

but he decided to go away

and then when i found some comfort in the autumns leaves

they went away even faster

and all that is left is the memories

all that is left

is winter time to come

Where the sun shines humbly

in my dreams it’s light fills me

where there are diamonds in the snow

you’ll find me

where the northern lights are dancing free

Winter, you found me


art astronomy atmosphere aurora borealis
Photo by Pexels.com


Thank you for reading, and let your inner star shine even brighter this winter <3.