Frozen tears and snowflakes

close up photography of snowflake
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A frozen tear between time and space

a frozen heart, a perfect snowflake

since i last saw your beautiful face

Memories that fire cannot melt

memories that stars cannot replace

My heart keeps on beating for you

I keep on breathing for you..

P.s.Last week while snowing, i took a picture to these 2 snow flakes from my samsung (zoomed), that’s why the quality is not so good..magical beauty gifts from heaven 😉

Much love,

by M.L.

In loving memory

Sao Pedro do Estoril, 22/12/2018, M.L.

Somos todos seres da Natureza, vimos e vamos.

A minha mae foi uma pessoa linda, não só por fora, mas por dentro também. A alma dela sempre irradiou luz, amor e um carinho bondoso de mae.

Na sua vida, ela foi atormentada por sombras e muito sofrimento, mas teve sempre o amor da sua família a tentar puxar-lhe de volta para a luz da vida. A luz que víamos no seu olhar e sorriso lindo quando lhe demonstrávamos o nosso amor e afeição.

A nossa vida ensinou-nos a semear e colher mais amor do que bens materiais. O seu amor por nós e o nosso por ela uniu-nos como família, nas alegrias e tristezas.

A sua alma já nos deixou, Livre e Leve, na Paz e Amor eterno; na Graca de Deus. Uma estrela no céu que nos ilumina, um anjinho que nos guarda e nos vigia.

Querida mae: serás para sempre invencível, indestrutível; para além da vida e da morte; para além da alegria e da dor; para além do karma e da forma. Amen


We are all beings of Nature, we come and go.
My mother was a beautiful person, not only from the outside but also from the inside. Her soul always radiated light, love and a loving kindness of a mother.

In her life she was plagued by shadows and much suffering, but she always had the love of her family trying to pull her back into the light of life. The light we saw in her look and beautiful smile when we showed her our love and affection.

Our life has taught us to sow and reap more love than material goods. Her love for us and ours for her united us as family, in joys and sorrows.

Her soul has already left us, Free, in Peace, and eternal Love, by the Grace of God. A star in the sky that illuminates us, an angel who guards and watches over us. 

Dear mother: you will be forever invincible, indestructible; beyond life and death; beyond joy and pain; beyond karma and form. Amen


Which color is your soul?

assorted color sequins
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When people ask me where do i come from, i usually say, i come from Portugal. I don’t say i grew up in the suburbs. Not that i want to hide my past or to forget about it. It’s because it’s to sensitive for me to go back there again. To a time where i felt so much insecurity and fears.

Was also a time that i developed big friendship and connection with some people. Not only sad moments are left behind, also some happy moments and experiences of Love and Strength.

But growing up in that environment left it’s deep marks on me. Marks that i am still fighting to let go. Life there wasn’t easy. I grew up with unsafety, poverty, preconception, discrimination and social exclusion..

While growing up, i did not understand why some people didn’t accept or believe in me. Looked down on me as if i was less worthy. Why they categorized me because of the color of my skin or from where i came from.

I didn’t choose where to be born or to have a certain color in my skin when i came into this world. But i could choose where i wanted to go ahead, and who i wanted to become..

I had allways been a shy litle girl, but i had also a very funny and social side if i was in the mood. That maybe is what made my path back then. Despite all that negativity, i had often a humble smile in my face and a hope that everything would be allright in the end. No matter how long it took..

I left behind all the shadows from my past, and today fully enjoy my skin color and even my natural afro hair, the more self confident i get, the more i grow and accept myself as i really am..I have dark brown skin and i am proud. I am beautiful as i am, both inside and outside.

Even when i sometimes feel the wings of racism trying to embrace me again, i set free without grudge. I stay calm, positive and think that WE ARE ALL THE SAME, EQUALLY VALUABLE.

The real question is which color is our souls? How do we treat people around us? Are we bright or dark on the inside?

All i wanted while growing up was to go towards a brighter and more colorful life. Now all i want is my soul to go beyond the colors of the rainbow.

Arvidsjaur, 2018, by Marlene Lima