White winter paradise..

Winter is already coming to Northern Sweden. Snow is falling, northern lights are shining shy outside the window. I feel blessed with such a beautiful season coming, despite the shock i got with the cold weather, when i recently came back from vacations in my hometown. I didn’t even had time to fully enjoy autumn! It went so fast!..

I see now Winter as a time to rest more, reflect, save energies we got from brighter seasons that passed. Time to wait patiently, maybe plan, enjoy warm coups of tea or hot chocolate while snow falls slowly and magically outside.

Arvidsjaur, Vittjåkk, 2017, by Marlene Lima

It’s a time going towards darkness outside, but this time i will try to keep the light inside me, warm and bright. In this winter i want to see the stars shine brighter. That will bring me hope and joy to my soul.

Enjoy this poem i wrote last winter:

You’ll find me

Where the lights are shining low

in the darkness feels so cold

where the lakes are laying frozen

you’ll find me

where the snow is falling slow

in the white silence i pray

where tomorrow seems so distant

you’ll find me

I tried so hard to make summer stay

but he decided to go away

and then when i found some comfort in the autumns leaves

they went away even faster

and all that is left is the memories

all that is left

is winter time to come

Where the sun shines humbly

in my dreams it’s light fills me

where there are diamonds in the snow

you’ll find me

where the northern lights are dancing free

Winter, you found me


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Photo by Pexels.com


Thank you for reading, and let your inner star shine even brighter this winter <3.