Carry me home..

Mother i feel you under my feet

Father i hear you, your heartbeat within me

my spirit flies, free

carry me home

carry me home.. (excerpt of song lyric, Akaal, Ajeet Kaur)

snow blankets..
as chantilly in a cake, a bunch of snow in a frozen lake..
in this picture the wind made it’s art..
sparkling desert of snow, where Mother Nature keeps reminding me we will never be alone..we are all together as one endless peaceful melody..

Pictures: Arvidsjaur,12/02/19, M.L.


Much light and Love,


When six birds became one angel

birds flying over body of water during golden hour
Photo by Johannes Plenio on

One flew down to earth contemplating the safetiness of the mountains;

one flew down to water contemplating the infinite waves;

one flew up towards the sun feeling it’s strenght and bravery;

one flew up to air feeling a kind and loving breeze, singing softly;

one flew up into a bright light beyond the sunrise;

the last bird flew up beyond the sky limits singing: I am Free.., and spreading it’s golden dust upon earth..


sky space dark galaxy


When this last bird accomplished this, the other ones flew into his direction and they became One bright light revealed in the most peaceful and eternal melody.


In loving memory

Sao Pedro do Estoril, 22/12/2018, M.L.

Somos todos seres da Natureza, vimos e vamos.

A minha mae foi uma pessoa linda, não só por fora, mas por dentro também. A alma dela sempre irradiou luz, amor e um carinho bondoso de mae.

Na sua vida, ela foi atormentada por sombras e muito sofrimento, mas teve sempre o amor da sua família a tentar puxar-lhe de volta para a luz da vida. A luz que víamos no seu olhar e sorriso lindo quando lhe demonstrávamos o nosso amor e afeição.

A nossa vida ensinou-nos a semear e colher mais amor do que bens materiais. O seu amor por nós e o nosso por ela uniu-nos como família, nas alegrias e tristezas.

A sua alma já nos deixou, Livre e Leve, na Paz e Amor eterno; na Graca de Deus. Uma estrela no céu que nos ilumina, um anjinho que nos guarda e nos vigia.

Querida mae: serás para sempre invencível, indestrutível; para além da vida e da morte; para além da alegria e da dor; para além do karma e da forma. Amen


We are all beings of Nature, we come and go.
My mother was a beautiful person, not only from the outside but also from the inside. Her soul always radiated light, love and a loving kindness of a mother.

In her life she was plagued by shadows and much suffering, but she always had the love of her family trying to pull her back into the light of life. The light we saw in her look and beautiful smile when we showed her our love and affection.

Our life has taught us to sow and reap more love than material goods. Her love for us and ours for her united us as family, in joys and sorrows.

Her soul has already left us, Free, in Peace, and eternal Love, by the Grace of God. A star in the sky that illuminates us, an angel who guards and watches over us. 

Dear mother: you will be forever invincible, indestructible; beyond life and death; beyond joy and pain; beyond karma and form. Amen


Diamonds in the snow

What doesn’t freeze me, makes me stronger.. ;p

Arvidsjaur, 2018, by M.L.

Today i felt a “call from nature”. I decided to stop with the excuses that it is too cold (10 below zero), took my warmer clothes and shoes, ready to go out.

It’s been a long time i don’t take a walk in the forest. And even with all frozen lakes, plants, silence, because there are so few birds now, i saw a shade of beauty, of divine..

Moments like this makes me feel alive, inspired, strong, ready for fight again. Ready to handle this winter blues with a new strength..

I may not be strong enough to walk on ice right now, but i will be strong enough to defeat these winter blues symptoms ;p.. After all i have been through in my life, this is the least i expect from myself.

This is some photos i took in my morning walk here in Arvidsjaur. Hope you enjoy it as much as i do 😉

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Namaste ❤


The last swan

When the snow starts falling outside, and the lakes begin to freeze, i look at the swans, ducks and birds that naturally fly away to warmer destinations.

Every year, one particular swan does not do it directly as the others. He is still left, in a little corner of the lake, the last corner that didn’t froze yet.

In general it’s often to see swans in pairs, but this one has been alone all the time.

Anyway, he was persistent, didn’t leave until the whole lake froze and bitter winds began to challenge him to finally go away, let go..

Sometimes in my life, i felt like this particular swan. I struggled with a specific situation until there was no energies left.. It took me a lot of time to learn how to let go of things, people, thoughts that don’t allow me to develop as a human being, to live my life the way i wanted. Use my precious energies in things that uplift me instead.

Life is full of surprises around the corner, but we have to be ready to face them, to deal with them with a pure mind and the right attitude. In this way we will accomplish things we didn’t knew we were able to. They were just waiting for us to be open, ready for them.

We should all be like the last swan, let go of what does not expand us, learn to forgive ourselves and others.. It’s hard, but worth a try..

snow nature winter goose
Photo provided by Pixabay on

Much love,


Finding Home in Nature

“Tjipkuo”, Sweden, 2017, by J. N.

You have all heard before the expression: “Home is where your heart is”.

It took me a long time before i understood this meaning and really found home.

For me home is not only our daily four walls where we sleep, or being close to our lovely family. Is a place in the world we choose to live and identify ourselves with.

For example, i always felt pulled to nature. I NEED to have water close to me, because it is my element.

Nature brings harmony and peace to my spirit. It makes me feel whole and at home, closer to God..

Going home is climbing a mountain, being in contact with water, hearing birds singing, being surrounded by threes…

For some people home can be a city, because they enjoy the variety of sounds and vibrations, lovely parks, colors in the buildings, diversity in the architecture, lifestyle and so on. For others, maybe a small town, with almost untouched nature around it.

I am sure that we are all a part of nature, that is why we feel dragged to it and connect. If you think you are not a nature person, challenge yourself and start spending more time around nature, and you will notice a change.

Mother Nature, i am coming home..

Storavan lake 2018, by J. N.

Find your heart, your home, and be truly happy 🙂

Much love ❤


Sources of inspiration

Arvidsjaur, winter 2017, by M.L.


For a long a long time ago, i went away,

left my family and best friends behind,

didn’t know that i was going so long to stay,

in a place so unfamiliar, so far away..

Some days were a battle

some days were fun

but mind in two countries

body in one

I had no choice, but to stay..

by M.L. 2013


Moving to another country was not easy. Its was a daily fight to feel i belong, swimming through unknown waters and a ocean that only calmed down once in a while, before a new storm striked again.

It has been eight years now since i decided to go on a new adventure, leave my comfort water, find other places and persons. I chose volunteering within a european social project in Sweden (Leonardo Da Vinci, EVS), because i felt a call there, i just could not explain why. But today i know.

My first time was unforgettable, with happy moments, the so called “honey moon stage” and discovering love in many forms. Later on, when the honey moon was over i started to miss my family, to miss the sun in the cold and dark winters. I started to lose myself, to change.

I accepted this hard challenge and i believe it was meant to happen.

North of Sweden, also called “Lappland”, is the last place on earth i ever thought i was going to end up in.

Arvidsjaur means the “generous lake” (“den givmilda sjön”) and has 4.000 beautiful lakes.

This village its located 110 km from the Arctic circle, with very long days in the summer, blessed with the midnight sun; very short days in the winter, blessed with the northern lights. In the summer can be around 22°C, in the winter around -32°C. A place i never even in my imagination could think it existed..

Sweden has an “exotic weather” but in a colder way. Summer,spring and autumn seasons are very short.Winter is very long in the north.

It has a lot of enchanted forests where time seems to stop. Every season has its magic. The lakes are similar to mirrors when its no wind. Its so silent that you get surprised when you hear something, such as a bird that starts to sing. The water of the lakes and the air are so pure and fresh, as i never experienced before (when i was a city girl).

Everything is so close, the places, the nature, the people, and that made me really appreciate every moment.


A new place, a new journey, a new me 🙂

Cascais, “Rota Jovem”
Arvidsjaur, midnight sun, summer 2017, by M.L.