We got to keep on..


Maybe someday i will talk about it in public, maybe not…I am going to follow my intuition.

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I was recently this week in a conference about mental health here in Arvidsjaur.

I admired the way the lecturer was opening himself in front of others. Telling about his diagnosis and the ways he fights through it.

In is own way, being himself, fun and informative, he is encouraging people to break taboos, stigmas, focus instead on the person behind the diagnosis.

Psychological problems are growing specially in youth. In my opinion, one of the reasons is, that our society is pushing people to the limits: with high performances and expectations, comparisions, consumerism culture; exaggerated competition..Seeking for perfection instead of seeking for who we really are and appreciate what we allready have.

We are not robots, we are human beings and nobody is perfect in or out. And we don’ t need so many material things to be truly happy.

So we naturally end up failing, to reach this ideals that society builds around us. We break down, loosing ourselves, poisoning ourselves, because we think we are useless and unable to ever be good enough.

We also fall in the mistake to live as others want us to live, to please others, until we sooner or later get enough, and change direction.

Unfortunately a lot of people (as me) has to go downhill or “hit a dark wall” to start rethinking about life and redefine it..

And unfortunatly, more and more, are going the same way..if our society doesn’t stop this trend.

I was quiet and thoughtful the whole conference. When i came home, i felt like i also should have shared my experience, such as a few other brave people did.

I know i have so much to give, to share, since i think i came a long way now. So i regret i didn’t speak my mind..

Maybe it wasn’t meant to be that day. I wasn’t ready. I was only there to listen, to reflect..to be inspired.



Keep on fighting, spreading your wisdom, light and love, struggle by struggle,

Keep on going, developing through your challenges, step by step,

Keep on breathing, you are getting there, breath by breath..

Knaust, Sundsvall, 2018, by M. L.

Thank you for reading 🙂

Much love,