When six birds became one angel

birds flying over body of water during golden hour
Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels.com

One flew down to earth contemplating the safetiness of the mountains;

one flew down to water contemplating the infinite waves;

one flew up towards the sun feeling it’s strenght and bravery;

one flew up to air feeling a kind and loving breeze, singing softly;

one flew up into a bright light beyond the sunrise;

the last bird flew up beyond the sky limits singing: I am Free.., and spreading it’s golden dust upon earth..


sky space dark galaxy
Pixabay, pexels.com


When this last bird accomplished this, the other ones flew into his direction and they became One bright light revealed in the most peaceful and eternal melody.


Secrets in the ocean

Dear ocean,

Carcavelos beach, autumn 2018, by M.L.

hide our secrets in your infinity,

at least the ones we don’t dare to share with no human being.

Our souls needs to reveal them to you, because we can’ t handle them.

I have allways been enchanted by your mistery,

with your infinite waters where i get lost and found,

with your calm appearance on the outside and bravery in the inside.

I can tell you know how to keep a secret. You, i know i can rely on.

Since i was younger i looked at you and i wondered,

what is more out there, beyond that misterious line.

I long to go further and further, to go away, but yet feel at home.

But first you have to keep my secrets deeply,

so that i can fly free with your ocean light on me..

Carcavelos beach, autumn 2018, by M.L.

Some words are never meant to be spoken or written. Some diaries are never meant to come to the surface..

Thank you for reading ❤ 😊