Finding Home in Nature

“Tjipkuo”, Sweden, 2017, by J. N.

You have all heard before the expression: “Home is where your heart is”.

It took me a long time before i understood this meaning and really found home.

For me home is not only our daily four walls where we sleep, or being close to our lovely family. Is a place in the world we choose to live and identify ourselves with.

For example, i always felt pulled to nature. I NEED to have water close to me, because it is my element.

Nature brings harmony and peace to my spirit. It makes me feel whole and at home, closer to God..

Going home is climbing a mountain, being in contact with water, hearing birds singing, being surrounded by threes…

For some people home can be a city, because they enjoy the variety of sounds and vibrations, lovely parks, colors in the buildings, diversity in the architecture, lifestyle and so on. For others, maybe a small town, with almost untouched nature around it.

I am sure that we are all a part of nature, that is why we feel dragged to it and connect. If you think you are not a nature person, challenge yourself and start spending more time around nature, and you will notice a change.

Mother Nature, i am coming home..

Storavan lake 2018, by J. N.

Find your heart, your home, and be truly happy 🙂

Much love ❤