I am/ Eu sou

Arvidsjaur, Autumn 2018, by M.L.

I am..

I am the sea,

the wind

the sunlight

in you and me

I am the air

the fire we can feel

but don’t want to touch

I am you, immortal beauty

immortal beauty, you are in me

I am all that it is

earth, water

fire and air

moon, stars

rainbow and snow

I am sound, light

endless emptiness

revealed in the Silence

I am beyond all that it is

in you, in me

I am that i am

beyond life and death

beyond words and manifest

I just am.

(When to Be (beyond all that is), may be the answer to all the questions)


Eu sou..

Eu sou o mar,

o vento,

a luz do sol

em ti e em mim

Eu sou o ar

o fogo que podemos sentir

mas nao queremos tocar

Eu sou em ti, beleza imortal

beleza imortal, és em mim,

Eu sou tudo o que existe

terra, água

fogo e ar

lua, estrelas

arco-iris e neve

Eu sou o som, a luz

vazio infinito, revelado no silencio

Eu sou alem de tudo o que existe

Em mim e em ti,

Sou o que sou

além da vida e da morte

alem do perceptível

Apenas sou.

(Quando Ser (além de tudo o que existe), pode ser a resposta para todas as perguntas)

by M.L.

*Dedicated with all respect to my dear mamma, who remains in eternal and divine peace..*

Namaste ❤

Soul to soul

nature blue summer grass
Photo by pixabay on Pexels.com

Shades of who i could be

Embraced in a northern light,

Shapes of who you can be

pulling fragile souls out of the dark,

wakening their spirits up

leading them to the Truth,

touched by the hands of God

Whom blesses us with His grace.

Peace, light and warmth remains

within me, within us all

Soul to soul, heart to heart

shades and shapes of you and me,

many brothers and many sisters,

united in peace and love.

Divine embraces souls and hearts,

a touch of hope and light

in The Name of Truth,

in The Name of God.

29/01/2019, by M.L.

Sat Naam 🙏💝 M.L.

About me..

Namaste ❤

pic: 2018, by Miura L.

My name is Marlene, but you may call me Marly :). I come from Lisbon (Portugal) but have been living in Sweden for nearly 9 years now. Originally i have roots in Cape Verde islands in west coast of Africa.

In the calm northern swedish landscape i found a lot of sources of inspiration that made me improve expressing myself through ways that i have been exploring before (writing, dance, music), and finding out new ways of expression (photography)..

With this new experience of leaving my country i learned to appreciate more beauty through simple things; to begin focusing more on positivity and choosing a brighter side of life.

This blog is a form of sharing my experience that hopefully inspires; showing my art through a variety of poems, thoughts, spirituality, photography (mostly from northern Sweden)..everything that makes me happy and that i need to pass on, to make someone else happy :).

Nature, Art and Love, is a divine gift from God. For that be humble and grateful.🙏🌍💖

Love and Light to you, and big welcome to my blog 🙂 💖