The Journey must go on

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If i climb the mountain and don’t look down, if i look at the light in the horizon,

If i pray to God to not leave me alone, if i carry on even if my legs are still fragile,

If the sun gives me the courage and energy to go on, if my heart is filled with love and peace,

I will reborn on the top of that mountain again, looking down gratefuly and sending my humble love to the world..


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Storms and bitter winds will pass, as anything else in this world. Remain calm, fearless,  humble and trust in God, he will give you the strength.

Keep on climbing…

❤ M.L.

Consciousness: a universal language

Depression and stress symptoms are not the only thing that disturbs my spirit sometimes..

I find out that i have something that is called : “HSP“: highly sensitive person”. It is not a diagnose, it’s a kind of personality “feature”, some say is a milder variant of ADHD.

Since i was younger i have so much difficulty focusing if it is too much people around me, too much light, too much noise. It just soaks up all my energies. It’s not that i don’t want to spend time with people. I am very social and happy to meet people. It’s just that i feel bad with it after, if it was too much impressions or heavy energies. I am really good reading them, and taking them home with me, unfortunately.

I rather be in calm, quite places, with not so many distractions. The days that i was tired were even worse. I just wanted to close myself in four walls, with nobody bothering me.

It was nice for me to find out with words what more was “wrong” with me. It’s not so common to find people suffering of this kind of personality variant.

Depression was easier to identify because it’s a common disease nowadays. Also because i have it in my family history, and due to the environment i grew up in, it’s higher the risk to suffer off it…


When you are conscious, have pure heart and put love in all that you do, God will show you the way 🙂


Picture: Storavan lake, 2018, by J. N.

❤ M.L.