Meditation’s true purpose

In the previous post i wrote about the physical practice of yogaThe physical practice (specially yin yoga) is a good way to prepare your body to meditation.

Meditation is a “complex” path to Yoga, since there are so many forms of meditation: metta meditation, chanting mantras; chakras meditation, vipassana meditation, mindful meditation, visualization meditation, etc … ).

I don’t recommend new beginners to meditate on their own. You can begin with simple and short guided meditations or on training your awareness any time of the day (can be while executing any activity being present, particularly with as little distractions as possible).


Later on, if we search for more than the eyes can see, the ears can hear, the tongue can taste, the nose can smell, the body can feel, the right “teacher” (with Gods bliss) will come.


We all have a inner spiritual guide or Guru (in Sanskrit), that we can pray for guidance when we need. Sometimes because we are so stressed out with our lives and pay too much attention to what others say or think, we ignore our own golden knowledge we have inside of us waiting to bloom…

The most important is to take time to Listen to this inner voice, to your own Guru: by for example spending more time in nature, in silence.. In this way you will sharpen your intuition and make everything clearer, be able to discern between “soul/heart voice” and “mind/ego voice”, and go with your natural flow… We have so much more inside of us than we realize..

The true purpose of meditation is to be in contact with our true self, our soul, to not forget who we really are.. not to attract material wishes as tempting it may be, don’t fall for that destructive trap of the ego that will lead you anywhere..


As a path to Yoga , it’s the final goal to find peace within and find Unity with others. The Unity/Oneness we call God.


Practicing Yoga and Meditation is the best tool to live present in God, to gradually let go while we live, so that when it’s time to leave our bodies (we all have to do it some time…), we may do it in Peace, without attachments, without fear.. 

relaxation sitting reflection statue
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You are…your own Guru…higher Self…the lighthouse of your soul…you have God within you not above…The secret is to follow His steps to your true Home…and trust He will lead you there in your own time and way..


In loving memory, dear mother. May your soul have found freedom and Peace.🙏💖

Namaste ❤


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