Yoga is Union

I have been practicing Yoga for some years now and it has been a endless learning process, as learning to walk on water..

Throughout my journey i have been learning to see Yoga as further more than yoga positions or “asanas” in Sanskrit. It is not a religion as unfortunately some people still think nowadays.. This philosophy from ancient India, a way of living life, is not aswel the commercialization or business that it is seen more and more growing everywhere.

Yoga means Union, where in the centre remains humbleness, kindness, love and acceptance for who we really are.

The physical practice of Yoga keeps the body activated, healthy, in balance and stills the mind..It is important that everyone find their own yoga practice, since we have different needs. The thing here is to pay attention and listen to the signs of the body and respect it’s limits. For example there are days i am so tired that i prefer to not push my body with active yoga positions (hatha yoga) and choose yin yoga practice instead..

Coordinating the breath with your yoga asana/position so that it comes naturally,  without effort (specially in active yoga), can take more time to achieve, sometimes even years... practicing yoga without breathing properly is as dancing to the wrong music.…So it is a long process to get there and it is necessary a lot of patience.

I don’t recommend new beginners to try it at home by themselves. It is better to search for a good teacher to learn first. Make sure to follow your guts so that you choose the right one for you.

Whatever yoga practice we do or share in our lives, we should always respect and be kind to the body because the body is our temporary temple. We should also become more aware of what we feed our bodies with..


Outside of the mat it’s not less important to live according to the same philosophy: Be humble, kind, give without expectations and accept others as they are..

backlit balance beach cloud
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Don’t hesitate to be yourself, practice the Yoga you love, teach the Yoga you love..Live your life in God’s grace and flow…

Namaste ❤


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