Music is Love

The world is full of conflicts, and the dream of a better place to live in is growing in us all.. Breathe in Peace, breathe out Love..

One of my ways to share and spread positivity is through music ;)..



(credits for song, lyrics and images: Marly; quality is not 100% since is produced at home ;p..)


Shades of who i could be

Embraced in a northern light,

Shapes of who you can be

pulling fragile souls out of the dark,

wakening their spirits up

leading them to their home

touched by divine hands

He blesses us with His eternal grace

This light from thousands suns

within me, surrounding us

Soul to soul, heart to heart

shades and shapes of you and me,

many brothers and many sisters,

united in peace and love


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Divine light embraces souls and hearts with a beautiful melody, in the name of Love..


Light and Love,


When less is more

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Friends will be forever friends…as long as they: 

accept you for who you are

don’t analyze or criticize you

don’t try to change or influence you

rather listen to you than twaddle

send you good vibes even in thoughts

don’t demand on you or pressure for anything

are there for you when you need the most

even from thousands miles can send their love to you..


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Don’t count your friends by the fingers, select them by their hearts..sometimes less is more.


Love and light,



Be brave..

“Be crazy! But learn how to be crazy without being the center of attention. Be brave enough to live different. Not as others want you to live.”

Paulo Coelho Quotes

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Smile if someone insinuates you went crazy or lost your mind just because you dared to find your true self insteadPerhaps the ones who “loose their minds” are the ones who are truly free..

The key is to be able to choose the bright side of life..and that you will only do by following your heart, not your mind..

Peace, M.L.

Meditation’s true purpose

In the previous post i wrote about the physical practice of yogaThe physical practice (specially yin yoga) is a good way to prepare your body to meditation.

Meditation is a “complex” path to Yoga, since there are so many forms of meditation: metta meditation, chanting mantras; chakras meditation, vipassana meditation, mindful meditation, visualization meditation, etc … ).

I don’t recommend new beginners to meditate on their own. You can begin with simple and short guided meditations or on training your awareness any time of the day (can be while executing any activity being present, particularly with as little distractions as possible).


Later on, if we search for more than the eyes can see, the ears can hear, the tongue can taste, the nose can smell, the body can feel, the right “teacher” (with Gods bliss) will come.


We all have a inner spiritual guide or Guru (in Sanskrit), that we can pray for guidance when we need. Sometimes because we are so stressed out with our lives and pay too much attention to what others say or think, we ignore our own golden knowledge we have inside of us waiting to bloom…

The most important is to take time to Listen to this inner voice, to your own Guru: by for example spending more time in nature, in silence.. In this way you will sharpen your intuition and make everything clearer, be able to discern between “soul/heart voice” and “mind/ego voice”, and go with your natural flow… We have so much more inside of us than we realize..

The true purpose of meditation is to be in contact with our true self, our soul, to not forget who we really are.. not to attract material wishes as tempting it may be, don’t fall for that destructive trap of the ego that will lead you anywhere..


As a path to Yoga , it’s the final goal to find peace within and find Unity with others. The Unity/Oneness we call God.


Practicing Yoga and Meditation is the best tool to live present in God, to gradually let go while we live, so that when it’s time to leave our bodies (we all have to do it some time…), we may do it in Peace, without attachments, without fear.. 

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You are…your own Guru…higher Self…the lighthouse of your soul…you have God within you not above…The secret is to follow His steps to your true Home…and trust He will lead you there in your own time and way..


In loving memory, dear mother. May your soul have found freedom and Peace.🙏💖

Namaste ❤


Yoga is Union

I have been practicing Yoga for some years now and it has been a endless learning process, as learning to walk on water..

Throughout my journey i have been learning to see Yoga as further more than yoga positions or “asanas” in Sanskrit. It is not a religion as unfortunately some people still think nowadays.. This philosophy from ancient India, a way of living life, is not aswel the commercialization or business that it is seen more and more growing everywhere.

Yoga means Union, where in the centre remains humbleness, kindness, love and acceptance for who we really are.

The physical practice of Yoga keeps the body activated, healthy, in balance and stills the mind..It is important that everyone find their own yoga practice, since we have different needs. The thing here is to pay attention and listen to the signs of the body and respect it’s limits. For example there are days i am so tired that i prefer to not push my body with active yoga positions (hatha yoga) and choose yin yoga practice instead..

Coordinating the breath with your yoga asana/position so that it comes naturally,  without effort (specially in active yoga), can take more time to achieve, sometimes even years... practicing yoga without breathing properly is as dancing to the wrong music.…So it is a long process to get there and it is necessary a lot of patience.

I don’t recommend new beginners to try it at home by themselves. It is better to search for a good teacher to learn first. Make sure to follow your guts so that you choose the right one for you.

Whatever yoga practice we do or share in our lives, we should always respect and be kind to the body because the body is our temporary temple. We should also become more aware of what we feed our bodies with..


Outside of the mat it’s not less important to live according to the same philosophy: Be humble, kind, give without expectations and accept others as they are..

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Don’t hesitate to be yourself, practice the Yoga you love, teach the Yoga you love..Live your life in God’s grace and flow…

Namaste ❤


Dance of life

Once in my life i danced to the wrong music...

Throughout my journey i have been learning to be more conscious and to accept myself as i really am, letting go the filters, as God made me.. In turn it is a natural process to accept everyone as they are, because no one is better or worse, higher or lower, right or wrong…

There is no right or wrong when we act from the heart and when we have God in our hearts.


So celebrate with thankfullness when you Listen to your heart..

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Live your own truth..whatever it may be..It’s the dance of your life. 🙂

Namaste ❤


When one door closes, another opens

This is not my body, i am not limited to this body

I am life without boundaries

I have never been born, i will never die

Outside of my conscious manifests things

The wild ocean and the sky with many galaxies

Since the times without beginning i have been free

Birth and death is just a door in which we go in and out

birth and death  are just a hide and seek game

Look at me, smile at me, take my hand and say goodbye

we will see each other right after now

we will always see each other again in this true source,

and we will meet each other on every walk of life.


song from Thich Nhat Hanh, buddhist monk, where words were tooken from the Samyutta Nikaya; excerpt from book: “No death, no fear”.


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Until death do not part us..Até que a morte nao nos separe..


Love and light,