The last swan

When the snow starts falling outside, and the lakes begin to freeze, i look at the swans, ducks and birds that naturally fly away to warmer destinations.

Every year, one particular swan does not do it directly as the others. He is still left, in a little corner of the lake, the last corner that didn’t froze yet.

In general it’s often to see swans in pairs, but this one has been alone all the time.

Anyway, he was persistent, didn’t leave until the whole lake froze and bitter winds began to challenge him to finally go away, let go..

Sometimes in my life, i felt like this particular swan. I struggled with a specific situation until there was no energies left.. It took me a lot of time to learn how to let go of things, people, thoughts that don’t allow me to develop as a human being, to live my life the way i wanted. Use my precious energies in things that uplift me instead.

Life is full of surprises around the corner, but we have to be ready to face them, to deal with them with a pure mind and the right attitude. In this way we will accomplish things we didn’t knew we were able to. They were just waiting for us to be open, ready for them.

We should all be like the last swan, let go of what does not expand us, learn to forgive ourselves and others.. It’s hard, but worth a try..

snow nature winter goose
Photo provided by Pixabay on

Much love,


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