Frozen lake

“She challenged me to walk hand in hand upon the mirrored lake. At first i felt really scared but later i began to feel safe and adventurous at the same time. I had never experienced anything like that in my life. For a single moment I forgot the future, I could only see her happy face..


Arvidsjaur, frozen lake, Autumn 2017, by Marlene Lima


The midnight sun was reflecting in the mirrored lake in front of our images. On the oposite side it was reflecting the full moon.

As soon as her spell began to fade, we rushed towards the canoe with adrenaline rush and laughing out loud. We enjoyed the sun setting and rising almost immediately,  giving wings to a new day.

A promising new day that began with a mystical sunset in the middle of the night”…

Arvidsjaur, Midnight sun, June 2017, by Marlene Lima

❤ M.L.

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