Where there is light there is hope

Picture: my dotter, 2017, by Marlene Lima

People travel all around the world, for several reasons.

Some to search for better life conditions and later settling; others to run away from war, conflicts, persecution; others only for the pleasure of vacations; to find new challenges, inspiration or learn about other cultures.

It’s sad that some countries choose to close not only physical but also emotional borders. For selfishness, greed, power and other reasons we can’t understand.

We all have the right to move wherever we want in the world, there it feels safe. We have also to be kind and welcome foreign people that accepts and respects our own culture.

People all around the world have different religion. Some share similar values, traditions and lifestyle. Yet, there is a lot of hostility and conflicts.

When i grew up i thought that i had to follow my parents steps, such as their religion. But i didn’t. I found my own way of connecting to this big entity we know that exists and that we call God.

I got interested in hinduism and buddhism learnings. I began to practice buddhism learnings as much as i am able too, without choosing to convert into a nun 😊. That is one of the reasons why i can’t say that i am a buddhist 100%.

What i am a is citizen of the world, a universal soul, with LOVE as my “religion” and Nature as my “church”.

Wherever i travel to my hope is to be welcomed. ❤

Palma, 2017, by Marlene Lima


4 thoughts on “Where there is light there is hope

  1. Dear ocean light, thank you for your blog.
    I have traveled 60 countries and I will never stop wanting to meet new people and friends. I have lived in three countries and love each one of them for the challenges and the similarities they have shown me.
    Many Buddhists were not monks and nuns. I am not either, you don’t need to be a nun to be 100% Buddhist. It’s how and why you live. It’s the way that wisdom and compassion weaves their way in your heart and relationships that counts. The Buddha was also not really a monk. He had no one to give him the vows. You are already there my dear. Just live.

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    1. Hi there!
      Thank you for your comment!
      The “nun exempel” was a way of expression. that is why i had a smily there 😊.but i woke up thinking i had to correct it.
      because this is a new world for me and i am still improving my flaws, i don’t feel yet in my heart i am 100% buddhist for other reasons.but hope soon i will.
      Thank you a lot for your precious feedback. I really appreciate it!

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